MAP Info

Speed and reliability of news

MAP’s news feed, accessible via subscription, provides media professionals and public and private institutions with sourced, cross-checked and real-time news on various topics.

MAP News Display

A news provider for leaders

Premium news feed, accessible via subscription and available in five languages through the MAP News Display application. Innovative service providing 24/7 access to news on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

MAP Photo

News through the power of photo

Images of national and international events, available through direct downloading or subscription, used to illustrate the highlights of current events, thanks to MAP’s extensive network at the national level and around the world.

MAP Infographie

Our innovative approach to daily news

Illustration of data while highlighting trends in images and statistical figures, making analysis easier for professionals, decision-makers and researchers. Infographics available for download on a dedicated online platform.


Our eye on the news

News stories in video, available to download on a dedicated platform, covering all political, economic, sports, cultural and social news.

MAP Audio

News through the power of voice

Downloadable audio clips, covering political, economic, sports and cultural news, produced by a network of journalists spread all over the regions of Morocco and around the world.

MAP Archives

Because memory exists only in sharing

The first online outlet for digital archives in Morocco. is making a news agency’s heritage since 1959 available to professionals and to the general public.


The main news on mobile

Instant news in Arabic and French 24/7, covering the main stories in real time on mobile phones through SMS.

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