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Organizing an event is like writing a story. And so, for a story well written, getting good media coverage is an essential part of promoting the events. For every event there must be a strategic purpose, who other than the Moroccan Press Agency to cover it in the best possible way!

We present to you our tailored Media coverage tool : MAP Services.


Why MAP Services?

To have media coverage of events is a privilege that public and private institutions seek. Therefore, MAP Services gives them an opportunity to promote their events and activities through M24 TV, the channel of the premium news provider in Morocco. This media coverage also includes a dissemination on websites and social media accounts of MAP, as well as on the newswire to other media.

There is more! In addition to all these features, the client gets deliverables that meet international standards and showcase all the expertise of MAP in events media coverage.

A real mobilization for the success of your events

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