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Is MAP a private public relations agency ?

Founded in 1959, the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) has obtained the status of a state enterprise in 1974.
The second half of the 20th century enabled MAP to develop its internationalization, notably with the launch of the “English” desk in 1975, the opening of its first international office in Paris in 1976 and the launch of its “Spanish” desk in 1981.
Since 2012, MAP has undergone a revolutionary technological change in line with its strategic ambition, which led notably to the launch of the “Satellite News Gathering” in 2014.
MAP, which is a continental leader, is now governed by Dahir N° 1.18.22 of 25 Rajab 1439 (April 12, 2018) of the law N° 02.15 relating to MAP reorganization. It has a wide range of products and services available in 5 languages ​​as well as 12 regional and 13 international hubs around the world.

Can I use MAP services on an ad hoc basis ?

Indeed, we have adapted formulas for each client.