Moroccan news radio

Moroccan news radio, RIM Radio is positioned as a reliable Arabic-speaking medium. With widely diversified contents, it is continuously accessible through live broadcasting and podcasts, which are sorted by topics.

A programming that suits the tastes of an educated audience

In addition to its vocation as a 24/7 news medium, RIM Radio offers listeners a diversified programming grid to suit different tastes. These programs focus on politics, economy, sports, culture, religion and society.

Thus, RIM Radio is positioned as the ideal Moroccan news medium for advertising campaigns targeting an educated population.

RIM Radio

Adapted ad offering

As a web radio radio accessible via website and mobile application, the station offers advertising spaces in different time slots, adapting to the promotional goals of advertisers. In the same time, this ad offering comes with rates that suit the different budgets of advertisers.

For more information about advertising spaces and rates on RIM Radio, our sales team is at your disposal.


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