A digital news service for decision makers and intellectuals

By launching six specialized newsletters, MAP is responding to the public’s need for timely, reliable, comprehensive and sourced information. This digital service makes it possible to get information, from one’s e-mail box, via an easy-to-access platform with rich informational content. This reflects the concern to inform quickly and efficiently.

The newsletters contain complete information and news flashes drawn from MAP’s rich editorial production, fed by an editorial staff spread over a vast network in Morocco and around the world.

Diversified newsletters bringing different types of stories

MAP’s daily newsletters cover national politics “Politis”, international politics “Géopolitis”, economy and finance “Business” and sports “Sport”.

The weekly newsletters focus, every Thursday, on education-related topics “Educatis” and on fashion and lifestyle news “Vivre”.

An adapted commercial offer

MAP Newsletters offer advertisers two possibilities of collaboration, allowing a better brand awareness:

  • Newsletter sponsoring through the sponsor’s logo in the header of the newsletter;
  • Display advertising through the insertion of banners on the newsletters.

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Hind Haddaoui