A new platform for youth and by youth

The online platform “DIB News” (Digital Information Broadcast) targets mainly an urban population that seeks platforms to reveal its creativity and talent.

DIB News aims at highlighting social and human experiences, encouraging content creators and accompanying movements of ideas, modern trends while prioritizing contemporary art, namely visual arts, music, literature, photography, theater, cinema…

A rich content and a multiplatform presence

All DIB News contents are created by a young staff of millenials who are keen to enrich all the platforms of this information media with programs related to the problems, ambitions and aspirations of Moroccan youth.

To carry out its mission, the platform offers videos, in accordance with professional standards, whithout exceeding three minutes. These are interviews, documentaries, tutorials … which are shared on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube …).

An innovative offer based on native advertising

Through a variety of program concepts, DIB News offers advertisers the opportunity to integrate their brands into the content produced and broadcast. This integration is carried out in a subtle way that guarantees harmony with the editorial content and its fun aspect that millennials prefer on the web.

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Hind Haddaoui